Only 3% of all women entrepreneurs get to $1M in revenues.

Masterclass shows you how to be one of them.

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Masterclass graduates see these results:

  • Learn step by step how to double revenues from scaling coach Julia Pimsleur
  • Create a strategic plan to get to $1M in revenues faster
  • Find out how to increase sales via more effective marketing, outsourcing and planning
  • Increase confidence about going big, with other high-growth women entrepreneurs
  • Get coached by successful business and financial mentors

About Julia Pimsleur, Scaling Coach

I have poured into Masterclass: coaching hundreds of women on scaling up their businesses and over 11 years of experience building and running my own businesses.  I have also been learning business secrets and best practices from the top CEOs in the world in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and from the successful CEOs I profiled in Million Dollar Women. In addition to my 1:1 coaching and Masterclass, I taught over 70 women to raise capital in my fundraising workshops. I am so proud that they have raised over $18M for their businesses. This Masterclass is the course I wish I had when I was building Little Pim to be a seven figure business. If I had been able to take Masterclass, I would have gotten to $1M faster and with far fewer bumps, bruises and bellyflops. I hope you’ll join me and be part of this amazing, growing community of women “going big.”



"Your Masterclass gave me a lot of confidence when scaling my business. It helped me break through $1 million in revenue, so one more down!"
– Natalie Mackey, Founder and CEO of The Glow Concept

"One of the best things about Masterclass was the chance to create a Strategic Plan. It's great to finally understand exactly what needs to be done! I have been able to communicate our goals way more clearly to our team."
– Erin Coles, CEO at Pro Arts Management

"If you’re a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur struggling to figure out how to scale, grab Julia Pimsleur’s Masterclass and make her your fairy godmother. She really wants to get you to a million-dollar business—and she gives you the readings, workbooks and hand-holding to get you there."
- Lesley Seymour, Founder and CEO, Covey Club

"Since Masterclass, I have mapped out the key processes in my company and documented everything. Now I can start thinking about building out my team and going big."
– Viola Sutanto, Founder of Maika Goods

"You came into my inbox at the perfect time! Our company was poised to go to the next level of growth, and Masterclass paved the way with a clear roadmap."
– Cali Williams Yost, Founder Flex+Strategy Group

"My biggest takeaway from Masterclass is that I now have a plan for where my business is now and where we need to go! I am focused on setting the strategy, hiring the right people and making sure there is money in the bank!"
– Nicole Scuderi, CEO of OCS Art Services

"After four years of working IN my business, Masterclass allowed me to work ON my business. Julia created a thorough, streamlined curriculum that brought me back to the core fundamentals of running a successful business: mindset, finance, marketing, strategy, and execution. "
– Maria Velissaris, Founder and CEO of La Voila Beauty

“Julia’s course gave me the community and resources to get prepared for my fundraising pitches and to work on long-term planning for my business. I also love the other women in the Masterclass community and have learned so much from them. Julia’s motto “Fortune Favors the Brave” really resonates with me and now I feel a bit more brave than I did! Thank you Julia and the amazing women in Masterclass.”
– Erin Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Nude Barre

Sign up for a Free 45 Minute Accelerate Session